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Einstein Lectures

Poster Verkleinert

Übersicht über die Einstein Lectures vergangener Jahre

2021, Prof. Philip Pettit
The Social Nature of Our Mental Life

2019, Prof. Shafi Goldwasser
The Cryptographic Lens

2018, Prof. Barry Barish
From Einstein to Gravitational Waves

2017, Prof. Simon Blackburn
Truth in Human Affairs

2016, Prof. Martin Hairer
The Mathematics of Randomness - Random Loops - Taming Infinites

2015, Prof. Alan Guth
Inflationary Cosmology: Is Our Universe Part of a Multiverse? - Eternal Inflation and Its Implications - Cosmology and the Arrow of Time

2014, Prof. Martha Nussbaum
Anger: Wrongdoing, Status, Payback - Anger and Retribution: Everyday Justice - Anger and Retribution: Revolutionary Justice

2013, Prof. Cédric Villani
Of Triangles, Gas, Prices and Men - From Riemann to the Synthetic Theory of Ricci Curvature - Stars, Particles and Probabilities: What is the Fate of Galaxies?

2012, Prof. Andre Geim
Random Walk to Graphene - Magic of Flat Carbon - The Science of Flying Frogs

2011, Prof. Ronald Dworkin
Einstein's Worship - Faith and Physics - Religion without God

2010, Prof. Peter Lax
Mathematics, Physics, and Computing - Degenerate Matrices - Mathematics and Mathematicians

2009, Prof. Frank Wilczek
What is Space - Majorana Returns - Anticipating a New Golden Age